Stamoplysninger til brug ved prøver til gymnasiale uddannelser
Termin(er) 2017/18 - 2019/20
Institution Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium
Fag og niveau Engelsk A
Lærer(e) Nicholas Manis
Hold 2017 EN/m (1m EN, 2m EN, 3m EN)
Oversigt over gennemførte undervisningsforløb
Titel 1 Introforløb: Identities in English Speaking Countr
Titel 2 Short Works of Fiction
Titel 3 Immigration FS (Samfundsfag og Dansk)
Titel 4 Storby og immigration (FN)
Titel 5 The Old Man and The Sea  Værklæsning (Cuba)
Titel 6 In Sickness and in Health
Titel 7 Modernism
Titel 8 Victorian England
Titel 9 Northern Ireland Værklæsning
Titel 10 Rock Lyrics
Titel 11 Shakespeare
Titel 12 Non-fiction Analysis (Police Brutality)
Titel 13 White Rule
Titel 14 Contemporary Literature and Postmodernism
Titel 15 Forløb#12
Titel 16 Forløb#16
Titel 17 Forløb#18

Beskrivelse af de enkelte undervisningsforløb (1 skema for hvert forløb)
Titel 1 Introforløb: Identities in English Speaking Countr


• At træne eleverne i lektielæsning ved hjælp af læsefokus til alle lektier/tekster
• At træne eleverne i selvstændig brug af ordbog og ordbogsopslag
• At træne eleverne i kvalificeret brug af internettet, herunder kendskab til forskellige typer af hjemmesider og afsendere


• At kende forskel på fiktion og non-fiktion og kunne nævne enkelte genrer inden for begge kategorier (fx novel, short story, poem, newspaper article, speech, blog, etc.)
• At kunne anvende basale tekstanalytiske begreber inden for fiktion og non-fiktion (se begrebskasse)
• At kende forskel på referat og analyse (taksonomi)
• At kunne lave en individuel skriftlig opgave med fokus på referat/analyse på 400 ord (se bilag 2)
• At kunne lave en individuel mundtlig præsentation på 3-5 minutter (se bilag 3)
• At kunne identificere de vigtigste ordklasser i en tekst (verber, substantiver og evt. adjektiver)
• At kunne finde subjekt og verballed i en sætning
• At kende til begrebet (verbal)kongruens og kunne forklare den mest simple regel: -s på 3. ps. ental


Tekster brugt i modulplanen:
• Chris Macy: “Like Two Ships” (short short story, 1995) (S)
• Sylvia Reichman: “Fast Talker” (short short story, 1995) (S)
• J David Stevens: “The Death of the Short Story” (short story, 1998) (S)
• R.J. Meaddough, III: “The Death of Tommy Grimes” (short story, 1962) (K)
• Kushwant Singh: “Karma” (short story, 1989) (S)
• Linton Kwesi Johnson: “Inglan is a Bitch” (poem, 1980) (K)
• Run DMC: “Proud to Be Black” (song lyrics, 1986) (S)
• Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “The Danger of a Single Story” (speech + video, 2009) (K)
• Eliot Bamford: “In the UK, I am working class. But I said goodbye to that identity in America” (article, 2016) (K)


author vs. narrator, point of view, setting, characters, theme
writer, reader, circumstances, language, topic, intention
(the rhetorical pentagon)


• Kongruens

Omfang Estimeret: Ikke angivet
Dækker over: 2 moduler
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Titel 2 Short Works of Fiction

Fokus:  At tale engelsk med andre. "Breaking the Ice". Elevoplæg i forbindelse med "Urban Legends".

Fra "The Human Heart", Jørgen Riber Christensen

The Short, Short Story
"When I woke up", Augusto Monterroso
"The Postcard", Guy Carter
"The Maker", Mathew Peates
"Who Dares Wins", N.M: Cooper
"Out of the Mouths of Babes", Kathryn Clarke
"Different Values", R.S. Ferm
"Answer" & "Voodoo", Frederic Brown
"The Accident" & "A Persistent Woman"  Marjorie Bowen

Urban Legends i "The Human Heart"
The Cuple in the car
The vanishing Hitchhiker
The baby-sitter
The Solid Cement Cadillac
The Hook

"Not My Best Side", U.A. Fanthorpe
"Telephone", John Fuller
"Umbrellas" & "The Last to go" Harald Pinter

"Harald Pinter´s forgotten sketch rediscovered after 50 years" i uddrag på:

"Mommy's Home" & "Pretending to be asleep doesn't work" på:

Film: Pulp Fiction
Omfang Estimeret: 11,00 moduler
Dækker over: 11 moduler
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Titel 3 Immigration FS (Samfundsfag og Dansk)

Fokus: Historisk Indvandring til USA og Moderne Invandring til Storbritannien

Brexit  What's Happening

Long Nights, low pay & no play: Burhan Wazir
"Islamic High School for Girls" i Newsweek March 11th 2002
"My son the fanatic" af Hanif Kureishi
"You Can't go home again" af Tariq ramadan
The Sun Spetember 4th 2013: "Immigrants Time Bomb"

BBC documenary "Too Many Immigrants?"


Ellis Island
National Geographic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGkqh-iwS28
A Virtual Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rredHTyKaQ

Immigration Before 1965

Native Americans
"Immigrants in our own land" af  Jimmy Santiago Baca

'Love has no border': Getting married at the US-Mexico border's 'door of hope'


"Immigrants" by Pat Mora
Omfang Estimeret: 13,00 moduler
Dækker over: 11 moduler
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Titel 5 The Old Man and The Sea Værklæsning (Cuba)


The Old Man and the Sea af Ernest Hemingway
Fokus: Nærlæsning af et værk. Elevoplæg (Bagefter lærerspørsmål)

Questions The old man and the sea
Pages 3-15
1. What atmosphere is created in the first paragraph (page 3). Note the word "defeat". It returns on page 80!
2. Describe the relationship between the man and the boy (pages 4-6 & 10).
3. What fish have been caught? (page 5).
4. Where is the old man going to fish, and how & why will the boy help him? (page 7).
5. What are we told about the old man's wife on page 8? Describe the escapism involved in talking about baseball and the lottery (pages 9-10).
6. Relate the top of page 11 to the first paragraph.
7. On page 14, the old man repeats that "He knows tricks", what does this tell us about his attitude to his own age?
8. Why does he dream of Africa? (page 15)

Pages 16-32
1. What does the old man not dream about? Why does he not dream about these things? (page 16). How can this be linked to him thinking the sea is a woman "la mar" (page 19).
2. How does the old man wake the boy? (page 16)
3. What do we learn about the old man‘s diet? What does this tell us about him? (pages 18,26)
4. We hear about the old man and boy being barefoot. Why(hint - being in touch with nature)? (pages 17,25)
5. Analyse the old man’s attitude to the natural world, eg turtles, Portuguese men of war, birds (how are they like him?), the sun. (pages 19, 23-26)
6. What does the old man talking to himself tell us about him? (page27)
7. Explain the build up in tension when the old man believes he is close to catching the fish. (pages 29-32)

Pages 33-53

1. What is the old man’s plan on page 33.
2. What does the story about the pair of marlin confirm regarding his attitude to nature pages 35-36
3. Comment on the last two paragraphs on page 36
4. Explain the connection between the man wishing the boy to be present and him  talking to the bird page 40.
5. What has happened to the old man’s hand, and how does he try to remedy this? Pages 40-42. On page 53 he says that “his left hand had always been a traitor”. Link these passages. Comment, too, on the conversation he has with his hand. (page 43)
6. What is the old man’s intention page 44
7. How big is the fish? (page 46)
8. How does the old man view his struggle? (top of page 48)
9. Relate the story of the arm wrestling contest on pages 51-53. Link this to his comments on enduring on pages 49 & 33.
10. Why is the word “mechanically” used twice on pages 48 &49?
11. Why does the old man need to prove he is a “strange old man”? (page 49)

Pages 54-75

What parallel can be drawn between the aeroplane and the man and the man and the fish? (page 54)
What does the old man do to slow the boat down and to what end? (page 55)
How does the man feel bolstered on page 56?
Examine the first three paragraphs proper on page 57: “Imagine if each day….kill our true brothers.” What  point is Hemingway trying to make here?
Why does the old man focus on the “punishment of hunger, and…something  [the fish] does not comprehend” (page 58).
Sleep and dreams play a part in this part of the text. Why? (pages 58-62)
“Pain does not matter to a man.” (page 64). How does this encapsulate the story? Think, too, about, “His pain could drive him mad.” Page 67
Once again the word “endure” crops up. This time on page 67. Why?
Examine the first three paragraphs on page 71.
“Then the fish came alive, with his death in him,” (page 72). What does this mean?
“But I have killed this fish which is my brother” (page 73), what can we learn from this quotation?

Pages 76-99

1. Relate the arm wrestling contest to his fight with the sharks.
2. The man ends up wishing it were all a dream. Why?
3. The motif of  the baseball player “Joe Dimaggio” is used to what effect on page 80?
4. Having travelled out too far, the man becomes one with the fish. He also sees the wind and sea as friends and enemies (page 93). What has the man (re)discovered on this journey beyond the normal boundries of man  regarding nature?
5. The old man believes in luck (page 90, 91, 97) but not hope. Believing in hope is a sin to him. Discuss his attitude to sin on page 81.
6. Endurance (e.g. not being beaten (page 80, 93)) and accepting pain and suffering (references to crucifixion pages 83, 95)are an integral part of the novel. What is Hemingway trying to say?
7. Think about the manolin, the sharks and the old man as a metaphor for aspects of life.
8. “Fishing kills me exactly as it keeps me alive. The boy keeps me alive, he thought. I must not deceive myself too much.” (page 82). What does the novel say about the circle of life in as much as the young boy now rejoins the old man?
9. Page 16 “[The lions] played like young cats in the dusk and he loved them like he loved the boy. He never dreamed about the boy.” Think about this quotation and interpret the ending.

Omfang Estimeret: 6,00 moduler
Dækker over: 15 moduler
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Titel 6 In Sickness and in Health

Fokus: Tværfagligt forløb med historie om "Sygdom". Elevoplæg om selvvalgte tekster.
Forskellige Genre:
Short Stories "Plot", "Foreshadowing".
Sitcoms: Actcom, Domcom, Dramedy

(Novel)"The Island" Chapter 3  af Victoria Hislop
(Essay)"The Fat of the Land" i "Notes from a Big Country" af Bill Bryson
(Film) "Phildelphia"
(Short Story) "You'll Never Live to regret it" af Jeffrey Archer
Series "Friends" Episode 100.

Student Presentations:

Nicolai, Leo, Armin og Alba: "Alzheimers" filmn: Still Alice, 2014

Bernadette, Magnus, Ejner & Ida
A Day's Wait af Ernest hemingway
W. Ernest Hemingway "A day's wait"


Matilde, Sebastian; Alberte, Christoffer
Too little 
Link: http://straightforward.alinea.dk/books/01_straightforward/chapter.php?chapter=01

Maximillian, Julie og Tobias
“Giving up smoking can seriously damage your body” by writer Charlie Brooker


Olivia Buhl, Jonas Rasmussen, Magnus Topsøe og Louise Mackeprang,
"Is heading a football bad for your health?" Hugh Pym. BBC website

Jean, Magnus Parker, Isabel og Charlotte
“Tobacco industry: Smoking isn’t bad for your health*” by an anonymous author. It was published in the newspaper “The independent”.
Mostapha, Liva & Sigrid
"By the use of Force"

Jonas K, Ditte, Abert
the short story “Silver Water” by Amy Bloom.

Omfang Estimeret: 15,00 moduler
Dækker over: 13 moduler
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Titel 7 Modernism


Fokus: "Modernism", "The Iceberg Theory" (Theory of Omission).
Novellelæsning med perspektivering til  sekundærlitteratur.
Hemingway - Biografisk WW1

Ernest Hemingway noveller:
The End of Something
A Very Short Story
Soldier’s Home
Up in Michigan (Essay)

"Modernism" i "Along Literary Lines,A key to text analysis": Karsten Kristensen Back, Hans Elgaard Mogensen

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceberg_theory
"Hemingway and worl War One": https://www.archives.gov/publications/prologue/2006/spring/hemingway.html

Omfang Estimeret: 8,00 moduler
Dækker over: 15 moduler
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Titel 8 Victorian England

Victorian England
Fokus: Et overblik over Victorian England: The Rise of the City, Class & Rich and Poor, Ghost Stories, Jack the Ripper

BBC Dokumentar: “The Victorians” Jeremy Paxman

"The Victorian Age" fra "Along Literary Lines"  Hans Elgaard Mogensen & Karsten Kristensen Back

Victorian Era Society and Social Class Structure:

"Coke Town" i “Hard Times” Charles Dickens  i "Fields of Visison", Delaney, Ward & Rho Fiorina
"The One Thing Needful" i “Hard Times” Charles Dickens  i "Fields of Visison", Delaney, Ward & Rho Fiorina

“The Nightingale and the Rose”,  Oscar Wilde
"The Happy Prince", Oscar Wilde

" Ghost stories: why the Victorians were so spookily good at them": http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/dec/23/ghost-stories-victorians-spookily-good

Film: A Christmas Carol

Film: From Hell

Omfang Estimeret: 11,00 moduler
Dækker over: 13 moduler
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Titel 9 Northern Ireland Værklæsning

Eksamensemne: Romanlæsning ca. 175 ns

Bernard Mac Laverty: Cal

Ireland"s Brexit Trouble | Crossing The Line

A Brief History of the Troubles

Omfang Estimeret: 10,00 moduler
Dækker over: 10 moduler
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Titel 10 Rock Lyrics

Fokus: nærlæsning, elevoplæg (5 min. alene med MA).
Introduktion til analytiske begreber: Alliteration, Ananphora, Allusion, Assonance, Consonance, Enjambement, End Rhyme, Enternal Rhyme, Metaphor, Metre, Simile, Personification
Introduktion til Received Pronunciation


Billy Joel: "Piano Man"
Coolio: "Gangsters' Paradise"
Pink: "Family portrait"

Received Pronunciation: An Introduction
Beatles: A Hard Day's Night
Peter Sellers: A Hard Day's Night (Komisk oplæsning)

Style Council: Walls Come Tumbling Down (Elev oplæsning i par)

Extensivt læst: The Beatles:  "Eleanor Rigby"

Film: The Beatles: All you need is love (Dokumentar om Historien om The Beatles)

Eminem: Not Afraid (Magnus Parker)
Michale Jackson: Billie Jean (Max)
John Mayer: Stop this train (Nicolai)
Beyonce: Pretty Hurts (Magnus W og Louise)
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody (Ditte)
Rupert Holmes: Escape ( Christoffer)
Cage of the elephant: Ain't no rest for the wicked (Magnus Voigt)
Sam Smith: Stay with me ( Jonas Kjar-Levin)
Pink Floyd: "Time" (Sebastian)
Eminem feat. Rhiana: Love the way you lie (Tobias)
Ed Sheeran: Photograph (Alberte)
Macklemore: Wings (Julie)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Under the bridge (Malik)
Kendrick Lamar: Swiming Pools (Mostapha)
Michael jackson: Earth Song (Jonas Rasmussen)
John Legend: All of me (Ejner)
Gnarls Barkley: Crazy (Jean)
John Lennon: Imagine (Armin) (Alba)
Eminem: When I'm gone (Albert)
Passenger: let her go (Sigrid)
Hozier: take me to the church (Liva)
One Republic/Timberland: Apologize (Leonora)

Omfang Estimeret: 8,00 moduler
Dækker over: 15 moduler
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Titel 11 Shakespeare

Shakespeare, The Renaissance


Fokus: Shakespeares forfatterskab, herunder: The English Sonnet, Tragedies
Renæssancen som periode.
Projektarbejde: Contrast the differing views on life and death in the passages from Henry V and Hamlet.

Themes "Love"

William Shakespeare
Sonnet nr. 18 & nr 130
Romeo & Juliet:  Prologue/Chorus  & "Act II Scene 1" (44- Exit)

Theme "Life and Death"
Hamlet Act III, scene i (58–90)

Henry V Act IV Scene 3 ll.1-67

"The Age of Shakespeare" Life And Literature - The English Handbook (Gyldendal) J.R. Christensen, M. Løndhal, Ole Vadmand.

Blank Verse

Omfang Estimeret: 8,00 moduler
Dækker over: 13 moduler
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Titel 12 Non-fiction Analysis (Police Brutality)

Underemne:Police Brutality, Elevoplæg (Kildekritik, Internetsøgning)

Fokus: Sagprosaanalyse. Skolens "Scriba":
Herunder bl.a.
Tone, Style, Non-fiction analysis ( Sender & Receiver, How, Why, Where), Intention, Circumstances

Hvordan man skrive en "Discussion".

The Basic components of an argument: Claim, Reason, Support, warrant: Arguments: https://www.comm.pitt.edu/argument-basics

Chain Arguments:

President Trump's Comments on buying Greenland

Shopping for clothes": Celia Walden (Newspaper ColumnThe Daily Telegraph)
"What men really think about women's clothes" on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeRHdXmYhAY

"School toilets are disgusting": Jane Kirby (Report/Article: The Daily Telegraph)

USA: Gun Law
Tracy Scarpulla, A mother's journey to bearing arms: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/02/opinion/mother-guns-commentary-irpt/

"I AM THE MAJORITY!" Full Gun Rights Speech on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIwf3d7hP9g

The real tragedy of America's gun violence ,Fareed Zakaria:  http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2013/12/14/the-real-tragedy-of-americas-gun-violence/

"Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall" on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6imFvSua3Kg

Police Brutality: Elevoplæg

"Being Black is Not a Crime: Yunek's Story of Police Brutality" published in ACLU (American civil liberties union)
Group names: Christoffer, Magnus W, Sebastian og Tobias

Title: Being black is not a crime: Yunek's story of police brutality.
Author: Yunek Moore
Internet address: ACLU
Text link: https://www.aclu.org/blog/criminal-law-reform/reforming-police-practices/being-black-not-crime-yuneks-story-police?fbclid=IwAR2ra25E2fiVTbFK2vm4xdr2PQHhAuaFp19DU_TRWiK0mY73Q9wvTPt-7qw
Group: Louise, Leonora, Ida and Julie

5 Years After Ferguson, We’re Losing the Fight Against Police Violence, by Justin Hansford (laws professor)
link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/09/opinion/ferguson-anniversary-police-race.html
"Cachau  Bant: Mind your language". Tom Law
Group: Olivia, Ditte

Author: BBC
On BBC's website
Group: Magnus V, Albert, Jonas K, Malik

Nicolai, Mostapha, Jean and Max
If we can’t agree, can we co-exist?
By David Leonhardt https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/13/opinion/abortion-public-opinion.html

"I’m a Police Chief. We Need to Change How Officers View Their Guns." By Brandon del Pozo, chief of police of Burlington, Vt, The New York Times, Nov. 13, 2019.
Group names: Charlotte, Sigrid, Liva og Alberte

Elevoplæg i gruppe r:
Eye in the Sky (2015)
"Obama's Robot Wars Endanger Us All": Johann Hari (Political Commentary: The Independent)
Omfang Estimeret: 10,00 moduler
Dækker over: 21 moduler
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Titel 13 White Rule


Fokus: Emnet omfatter en bred vift af tekster, som omfatter, Holdninger omkring slaveriet i USA og slaveriets konsekvenser; samt "Aboriginies & The Stolen Generation".

The African-American Experience

Film: 13th
Film: Amistad

"Uncle Tom's Cabin": Kapitel 1 i uddrag, Harriet Beecher Stowe

"Notes on the State of Virginia": Kapitler 14 & 18 i uddrag, Thomas Jefferson

Uddrag af "Black Boy", Richard Wright

"Crusader Rabbit", Jess Mowry

‘You Promised You Wouldn’t Kill Me’
Atatiana Jefferson, Natasha McKenna and the other black women we forget.
By Kimberlé Crenshaw

Ida B. Wells and the Lynching of Black Women
By Crystal N. Feimster

Pain and Terror: American remembers its past, The Guardian

Aboriginies and The Stolen generation
“Fred Andrews”, Polly Borland I ContextsJ. Engberg-Pedersen, M Grønvold, H. Ohland- Andersen
“The Past” oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) I Contexts Engberg-Pedersen, M Grønvold, H. Ohland- Andersen
Film: The Rabbit-proof Fence

Poem: "The Stolen Children", Bernie Pattisen,

"Apology to the Indigenous Peoples", Kevin Rudd Obs! Denne

Omfang Estimeret: 17,00 moduler
Dækker over: 19 moduler
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Titel 14 Contemporary Literature and Postmodernism


Fokus: Nye genrer (Tedtalk, Lingua Franca), Postmodernistic elements

J. Engberg-Pedersen, M. Grønvold, H. Ohland-Andersen: "Toolbox", Gyldendal s.43-44 "Postmodernism from ca. 1970-"

The Simpsons Cartoon: The Times Saturday 22nd & 29 july 2000

"The Red Line", Charles Higson i "Now & Zen" red. RenéBühlmann:

"American Psycho", Bret Eston Ellis Excerpt i "Wider Contexts"  Jonna, Engberg-Pedersen, Mette Grønvold, Hanne Ohland-Andersen.

"Pride and Prejudice" Jane Austin Excerpt i "Wider Contexts"  Jonna, Engberg-Pedersen, Mette Grønvold, Hanne Ohland-Andersen.:

"Pride, Prejudice and Zombies" Excerpt i "Wider Contexts"  Jonna, Engberg-Pedersen, Mette Grønvold, Hanne Ohland-Andersen.

The Penis, Hanif Kureishi i British Premillennium Literature, Helle Birk

Tedtalk: Capital will eat Democracy:Yanis Varoufakis
Omfang Estimeret: Ikke angivet
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Titel 15 Forløb#12

Omfang Estimeret: Ikke angivet
Dækker over: 0 moduler
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Titel 16 Forløb#16

Omfang Estimeret: Ikke angivet
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Titel 17 Forløb#18

Omfang Estimeret: Ikke angivet
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